DIY Fireplaces – How To Choose Your Own Stone

Article : DIY Fireplaces – How To Choose Your Own Stone

Are Ventless Fireplaces Safe?

One of the biggest questions that come to mind regarding ventless fireplaces is their safety. This would be an honest article if I stated that ventless fireplaces where 100% safe; in fact not even traditional fireplaces are 100% safe. Any type of combustion source has issues that need to be duly noted and proper safety precautions must be taken. This article is designed to help someone understand the safety issues regarding ventless fireplaces and how to safely operate one in their household.

One issue with ventless fireplaces is oxygen depletion; since it vents emissions into the room and uses air currently residing in the room you should make sure to follow some simple things. One, never install a ventless fireplace into a room with less square footage than the manufacture minimum requirements; remember these units are designed for specific size rooms, it’s better to have a room large than the minimum square footage required. You also might want to consider getting a ventless fireplace with an ODS (oxygen depletion sensor) install inside the unit or purchasing an additional ODS unit for the room it will be install in. This will give an audio alert or shut off the ventless fireplace before the oxygen levels reach an unhealthy hazardous amount.

You’ll also want to make sure to never run your ventless fireplace longer than 7 hours straight; generally it’s good to follow the 5 on and 3 off rule. This means running your ventless fireplace for 5 hours and leaving it off for 2 hours. Don’t think opening a window in the same room and running it non-stop can prevent unhealthy conditions, because it can. This is the same general rule that should be followed with traditional fireplaces. Remember, they need a source of oxygen to continue the combustion process and that oxygen is coming from inside the room.

Make to always check your unit for any flaws, remember if your unit is fueled by natural gas they will require a yearly maintenance check to make sure no natural gas is leaking out into your room; this can create flammable conditions and even push oxygen out of the room. Use a calendar to do yearly check ups on your ventless fireplace to make sure it’s running efficiently.

Don’t let this article scare you into thinking ventless fireplaces aren’t safe. Remember, a traditional wood burning fireplace has safety issues just like a ventless fireplace; any combustible source requires attention to prevent health or safety issues. If you want to learn more about a ventless fireplace and please read below.

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