The Basic Components of the Foam Insulation Panel

Article : The Basic Components of the Foam Insulation Panel

Advantages of Foam insulation over Fiberglass Insulation

All of us are aware of the needs and advantages of using insulation in the attics, walls, floors, basements and so on. Utility saving insulation is the need of the hour, due to impending high energy bills. There are various insulating options available like batt, reflective, fiberglass and foam insulation among others, but the primary concern is finding out which type of utility saving insulation is beneficial for your home and suits your pocket as well.


Both fiberglass insulation and foam insulation have their distinct pros and cons, but cost is the deciding factor in their respective choice. Fiberglass insulation is commonly seen in American homes as it is easy to install and is less expensive. Moreover, as it is effective in restricting the heat movement, it is widely seen as utility saving insulation. But, foam insulation is gaining more popularity as compared to fiberglass, even though it is priced higher.


Foam insulation can be easily sprayed using specialized equipment onto the ceilings, walls or any kind of surface that needs to be insulated. Polyurethane foam forms a quality insulating barrier, as it expands and hardens on drying. Foam insulation is considered a better insulator than fiberglass, because it provides airtight seal by easily expanding into the areas that are harder to be filled using fiberglass.


Although do-it-yourself kits are available to insulate your home using foam, but it is not really as effective, because a special equipment is required for application. Moreover, putting too much foam on the wall will not only waste the expensive material, but will also expand it far into the places where it was not required.


If you really want utility saving insulation, thengo for foam, as it provides splendid results even after years of insulation. The amount spent during the installation will considerably reduce your energy bills, and will provide significant heating and cooling cost savings in the long run. Further, foam insulation needs very less maintenance, which also contributes towards large future dividends. Even though use of foam is a higher up-front investment, but considering its huge pay-backs, greater results and satisfaction levels, it is definitely a utility saving insulation to opt for.




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