Pressure Mounted Gates Are a Great Way to Keep Babies and Pets Safe and Secure

Article : Pressure Mounted Gates Are a Great Way to Keep Babies and Pets Safe and Secure

A Home Alarm System is Essential to Keep Your Baby Safe

A baby can turn a home from a lovely place for a family to come together into a land where danger lurks around every corner. The most commonplace items can be extremely dangerous to babies who have curious minds and hands that are constantly exploring the surrounding areas. It is important for parents to ensure their home security as much as possible for the safety of the baby. Those curious little critters will be trying everything imaginable to win their freedom and find their way into every corner of the home so it is necessary for parents to try and anticipate every action of their baby that could end up in disaster.

The crib is the best place to start when evaluating and improving home security for a baby. Make sure that the mattress is at the lowest point possible when the baby begins to demonstrate signs of being able to pull themselves up and crawl around. If they have the opportunity to climb over the side of the crib, chances are they will take it and hurt themselves. Having a thick carpet around the crib is a good idea just in case an escape attempt is successful and the baby falls out, at least the carpet can offer some cushion to break their fall. All curtains, blinds, and cords should be kept out of reach of the crib so that the baby cannot pull itself up and over the edge or choke on a cord.

The changing table is another place where it is important for a parent to make sure their baby is secure. Being able to strap the baby in is a key part of a safe changing table because it prevents the child from rolling off if a parent turns away for a moment or has to reach for something. This is another instance where having a carpet surround the table is good to cushion any potential falls. Keeping all sharp objects and corners away from these key areas where the baby is a lot of the time is a big part of improving home security for a child.

The kitchen and bathrooms are also very dangerous areas of the home for babies since there are a lot of potentially poisonous materials in these locations. All cleaners, medicines, and alcohol need to be locked in a high cabinet where a small child cannot reach them. It is better if a parent does not take their medication in front of a child because the baby might mistake it as something that is safe to consume when in fact it is deadly for them. All lower cabinets need to be secured with childproof locks even if there are no toxic materials in them; babies have the unique ability to turn the most mundane item into something dangerous. When it comes to home security with a baby, the clichÈ “better safe than sorry” is extremely applicable.

Securing all tall and large furniture is also important so that a child just learning to walk does not try and pull themselves up with the help of a lamp and instead they pull it down on top of them. Electrical outlets are also a very important area of home security since curious little babies will put their small fingers into the outlets and get a very nasty and potentially fatal surprise. While having a baby in the home might feel like walking around landmines sometimes, these are all just simple precautionary efforts to ensure the safety and happiness of everyone in the home, no matter how small they are.

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