Emergency Lighting – Facts to Consider

Article : Emergency Lighting – Facts to Consider

A Complete Overview And Brief On Emergency Lighting

Emergency lights are considered to be a backup for lights since they can be used as a source of light during power cut. For safety purpose of common people, many high rise buildings have exit lights as a backup for power failure and these are called as emergency lights for building.

It is not necessary to have these lights at every other place in a building unless they serve the purpose. During fire break out it is necessary that people are evacuated quickly, hence the exit lights or emergency lights are installed in specific pathways like exit staircase, corridors and other exit points of the building. In the case of lifts being temporarily stalled, the better option would be to install the lights in staircase since people use them regularly to switch from one floor to another. In order to move people quietly during trouble, a pictorial representation of the exit points of building should be placed at each floor. Without prior arrangement of the emergency lights at exit points, it would result in fatal accidents during the outburst of people. Therefore, emergency lights with efficient operation and long life, that serves the purpose in times of trouble should be installed and with a wide range of lighting models with other safety devices available in the market, it should not be difficult to single out a perfect light. For every two months the efficiency of exit light in the staircase needs to be checked in order to avoid minor accidents and if there is any damage, the lights have to be replaced immediately with new set of exit lights.

Differentiating exit and emergency lights is very difficult since both serve the same purpose of reserve source of light during emergency situations. We can still point out a difference that the exit lights are used only in exit points and emergency lights are used in places where there is need of temporary backup lights other than the usual lighting sources.

The emergency and exit lights are also available as battery rechargeable lights so that they can be operated using remote control. In times of low circuit or power cut, the lights need to be turned on instantly; hence the lights consist of sensory reactors. Fixed lights, spot emergency lights, rotatable lights etc are some of new lighting models in the market with advancements in technology.

During the chaotic moments in the building, there should be proper lighting, hence a good selection of light and the number of lights needed for the exit points should be decided.

Emergency Lighting is a necessity for any home, also gather more details on Emergency Lighting.

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