House Smart Resolutions for the New Year

Article : House Smart Resolutions for the New Year

8 Smart Business New Year Resolutions

As a business owner, the responsibility for the success of your organisation falls on your shoulders. With the markets in the delicate state it’s in, wouldn’t it be nice if you were one of the businesses that was not affected? Here are 8 Business New Year Resolutions that will help you succeed at enjoying that rainbow at the end of the storm.

1. I will Promote and market my business. This is important if you want to seperate yourself from the competition. Focus on value added benefits and the bargain your particular products and/or services offer.

2. I will focus more on customer service. People are looking for the personal touch from local businesses. Don’t disappoint them. Make an effort to know your customers and their needs.

3. I will communicate more with my customers. It is your customers that should come first. Treat them well and stay in contact with them – and they will return. There are many ways to do this. It can be as simple as a printed newsletter sent out once a quarter, an e-mail message reminding them about your new and improved services, personal telephone calls to your best customers, or improving your web site.

4. I will upgrade my technology. You’ve been putting it off too long. It’s time to start using the Internet and other new technologies to your advantage to improve your business. We’ll be go over some handy tips in fourth-coming installments.

5. I will work more efficiently. Can you identify three things you can do to be more efficient and effective in your current job? Are you spending too much time on e-mail, for example? Too much time returning phone calls? Does it interrupt your work too frequently? Sometimes, those job inefficiencies are not very obvious. However, if you can specifically identify them, then those inefficiencies can be eliminated and you can become more productive. This can increase work satisfaction as well.

6. I will increase my working network in and out of my immediate area and inside and outside my company. Could you use getting to know more people? Can you meet more people not just to say hello, but to find out what they do, how they do it and what skills they use to be productive? Let them know about your traits, abilities and interests, too. Ask yourself if you can you interact with them to mutually benefit both your jobs. Can you include them in your circle of contacts so that you can call on them when you need a favor, a contact, or a reference? The reverse should be true as well.

7. I will re-evaluate my business model and business plan. It might be time, in light of the economic situation,to look closely at your products and services to better focus your resources and target your promotions.

8. I won’t get stressed out! Do whatever it takes to keep yourself healthy and sane in the New Year. Enroll in a calming yoga or metaphysical class. Remember, your customers count on you to be there for them. They are, in a real sense, like an extended family. So, exercise, eat wisely, and stay focused.

Have a happy, healthy and most prosperous 2009.

Peter Venero has been doing business online since 1999. Peter also runs his own consultancy Creatiq in Sydney, Australia where he works directly with small business owners on improving their own online business in areas such as selling online, strategy, technology and design and getting more clients.

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