What New Ideas Are Heating Up in the World of HVAC?

Article : What New Ideas Are Heating Up in the World of HVAC?

150 Years Of British Eight Hi Heating Only Do The Largest Brand Of Heating – Heating, Heat – Hvac
HC HVAC & R Network Xiao Gang, general manager first to see clearly can feel Xiao Gang, general manager of an approachable person, and soon, this feeling has been proved in the conversation. Relaxed and happy throughout the interview process, the total Xiao our questions and clear answers are made. What general led the Cheung Sha Xiao Topband HVAC What is a company whose Proxy British BAXI (8 Hi) What kind of brand, Shaw has always in the eyes of the HVAC industry with what the new trend of development?

Reporter : Please give us about the company Changsha Topband agent HVAC products and brands please?
Xiao total : Extension state is doing in 2004 in Changsha heating, and is now the United Kingdom BAXI (8 Hi) boiler, Italy Harris (Horus) heat sink, the German resistance to oxygen Poly pipe, the only U.S. Fennikezi flat solar Hunan agent; the United States York, Fennikezi air conditioning, Italy Jiakemini Thermostatic valve Gate-level dealers. Our agent products are rather forward position in the industry, like the British BAXI (8 Hi) boilers, air conditioning, at least in the United States York, ranked the world’s top two industries.

Reporter : You just said that the British BAXI (8 Hi) boiler, why at home and abroad, especially many professionals to the UK as the world’s eight boilers hi first brand? Total

Shaw: I think the British BAXI the world can not simply say the definition of such. From the product in the world Sell Performance point of view, the United Kingdom ranked third eight hi boiler; Bosch No. 1; Gateway to the second. World number one brand in the UK eight hi to say that the combination of the British eight hi boiler technical performance, the status of the global brand and global sales in three areas defined. Especially the technical performance is the UK’s biggest advantage eight hi: First, the United Kingdom eight hi boiler thermal efficiency, security level, and the same power rate of heat aquatic world ranking. The minimum flue gas temperature is the lowest. Second, the United Kingdom BAXI condensing boiler is the world’s pedigree. Third, in March this year in Beijing, the world’s new conference, the United Kingdom launched the latest eight-hi developed to power the home Gas Boiler R & D has produced so many world-leading technical performance of products, can be said that the UK is the world’s eight hi HVAC industry leader and facilitator. Fourth, the United Kingdom to do eight years of professional HVAC 150 hi, hi the United Kingdom for 150 years only do eight Heating . We admire the tenacity and specificity of eight gratifying. Can be said that the British eight-hi and the world, like many other famous brands is a professional model. Re-integrated global brand positioning and sales around the world to inspect all aspects of British eight hi really are good, many people it is well documented in the first row.

Reporter : Please give us talk about the United Kingdom since the eight-HI into the development process of Hunan? 2010 and beyond, what kind of Hunan market expectations?

Xiao total : Hi is the 2004 British eight into Hunan, first by the extreme heating agents, until the second half of 2008, we expanded state took over heating, 2010, officially became a British BAXI (8 hi) Boiler agent. Changsha Topband since become a British agent in Hunan eight hi, have been in step up publicity, the current eight-hi sales and visibility in Changsha have been an unprecedented upgrade. 2009 UK 8-hi sales ranked second in Changsha, Gateway to number one. Olympic Gardens recently in Changsha we have won the bid value-added services, going into the construction of the. A good start in the first half of this year, retail investors more than expected, projects we successfully concluded the project in Changsha Wang Olympic House. Hunan

As for the future market, we look forward to a good start in the first half of the case, efforts to achieve the number of customers in the second half of the greater leap of the UK BAXI (8 Hi) to get a big raise awareness, become Changsha, a household name. According to the current developments and Changsha Topband heating of the three-year plan, we strive to fully exceed 2012 Gateway to become the first in Hunan boiler brand sales.

Reporter : What prompted the idea of Changsha Topband agent was only used for heating in northern products? But also agents of the British world number eight hi boiler front.

Xiao total : Southerners do not have heating, should be said that there are historical reasons, from the Mao era to the south of the northern division of the Yangtze River, Heating have been considered only with the products north. In fact, this concept should be updated, with no heating temperature and humidity should be considered in two ways, the cold is dry and cold north, the south is wet and cold, cold to the bone inside it hard to be, but also the standard of living now necessary requirement for higher and higher. Currently there are more than a hundred

Changsha HVAC products do business, competition is fierce, but competition has also led to instant success, and malicious individual manufacturers reduce product and service quality practices detrimental to the development industry as a whole, faithful to our unfair to consumers, we firmly oppose. We chose eight hi boiler British agent, PE -XC oxygen barrier and so the best product pipeline, we provide customers with front door service, is trying to “heating happy, comfortable life” concept of quality of life to bring the people of Changsha.

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